It’s very easy for women to loose themselves in a relationship. We are born to please others, to put others before our needs. We also feel a great amount of guilt when we take any time to pamper ourselves. But is that really fair to our authentic self? Can we actually care for others when we don’t care for ourselves? The answer is a big fat NO! We can try all day and night, but we actually are giving half of what we actually have to give. Who’s that fair to?!?

In my journey through finding my authentic self, I’ve learned that we must as women take at least 10 minutes every day to do something for ourselves, to really find out what makes us a person and not a people pleaser.

I spent many years putting people before me, whether it be my husband, my mother, my son, my friends, and my work. I just wanted to make sure everyone was happy.  I was asked one day, “What do I do that makes me happy?” I stumbled with that answer, What does make me happy? I spent days on that question, before it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was happy when I took a hot bath, when I had my nails pretty, my hair did, when I bought that shirt I had my eye on for months, but couldn’t justify why I needed it. I could go on and on about what makes me feel good. But I didn’t do any of that because, I made excuses on why I didn’t have time, I mean let’s be real, laundry needs to be done, kids need to be feed and clothed, husband needs dinner on the table and work needs that report done by the next day. What time do I actually have?!?

Well the answer is easy Make the Time! Does hubby really need dinner made everyday for him, could he possible give you a night away to have your guilty pleasures. He could easily grab a box of cereal for the kids or even order a pizza, just so you have a few extra minutes to breathe and remember you are worth it. Audrey Hepburn has a wonderful quote, “You have two hands, one to help YOURSELF and the other hand to help others” What that means is take care of yourself first and then you can help others. I’m not saying run away from home and screw all responsibilities, but I am saying take time to do anything that makes you happy and refilled with strength. When we are happy and cared for we can do even more amazing things for others and with a bit more energy at that. Feeling like a women instead of all the other hats we were as Mothers, Wives, and Daughters. Being a woman isn’t easy, we fight everyday for our rights. So it’s time we take a minute and do what makes us feel good and nurtures our soul, so we can accomplish so many more things.

When we actually do what makes us happy and healthy we are more able to help others. We can achieve more success, and we won’t be as drained at the end of the night. Our minds are stronger, our authentic self comes out and we won’t loose our personality pleasing others. So take that 10 minutes out of the day and do YOU because you are important and people need you to be whole so you can be the best version of yourself. Don’t let that guilt get to you, because we all know if Mom is happy everyone is happy. Take this as your push to remember who you are and how important it is to put yourself first. You deserve it!!