I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 10+ years now. It’s crazy to see myself doing anything else. It once started as just brushing my mother’s hair at night, into chopping all my dolls hair. I was amazed at how just doing something so tiny as a bang trim can completely change a face. Growing up, just like many teens, I felt awkward. I never felt pretty enough. My hair was never in place and Style, What’s that? But it didn’t stop me from trying. My self esteem was lacking so no matter what I felt unworthy. 

I researched numerous times on Beauty School, but just couldn’t do it. Even got a receptionist job at a salon so I could watch the magic. I finally got the nerve to go, and it was the best thing I could have done. Not only did I excel in the practical part, I was a complete geek on the book work. 

It’s a amazing feeling when you have a talent and passion and they both come together. I’m very blessed with the opportunity. It hasn’t always been easy and it isn’t always fun but it’s definitely something that warms the soul. I started out just like the rest -No freaking Clue! I couldn’t even curl my hair right. But after some time and really good teachers I got smarter and better at it. My clients where happy, I was receiving many Thank you’s, because they left the salon feeling beautiful. 

Once I got good at making people look good. My looks changed, my attitude changed and I felt outwardly pleased with my own looks. It’s amazing how looking better makes us feel better. 
After my divorce, and it happens a lot with women and men, I felt like the worst person in the world.  There wasn’t enough makeup in the World to help, No matter how beautiful my hair was,  it wasn’t making me feel worthy or beautiful. My self esteem seemed to have disappeared. -The divorce can do a doozy on your brain. I spent time reading and avoiding and overcompensating for it all. Not at all good for the mind body or soul. 

Someone I won’t name, said to me, your beauty isn’t on the outside, it’s what radiates from the inside out. It took some time to figure that one out! But I was also told that if you use your talents to help people, truly give from the heart, and make a conscious effort not to hurt anyone, that you could feel beautiful. I signed up immediately. 

I started small, going into the community and sharing my talent of hair, then making my way with giving material items that were not necessary in my life. I moved on to do whatever I could do to make an impact on the community. If I don’t,  who will?! “The change we wish to see, starts with us.” And let me say this giving isn’t about money. It’s about the feeling. No amout of money or education can make this feeling. 

After doing these things, one by one, day by day, I was feeling better. I started looking at my reflection and smiling. I even tried to wink at myself! (Not good at that) but my point is I was feeling better, looking better and realizing beauty isn’t just outward. Beauty is actually inside. It’s the feeling of beauty, not the looks. 

So after all these years I finally found out what Beauty actually was. And at that moment,  I realized, no matter what I look like, it’s how I feel. So when I can help others and go above and beyond I will, because that’s what makes me feel beautiful along with some great hair! 


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