I’m gonna start of by saying, I will periodically be posting outfits that can be found at Goodwill, consignment shops, and any other amazing priced second hand fashion and style boutique. Along with tons of tips in some of my blog posts. Because as a Beauty Consultant and a Single Mother, I need to look the part for pennies, and I can share with you!

It’s been becoming one of my favorite pastimes. I mean, I don’t have the budget for full price anymore, but I still like to looked polished. Being in the beauty industry, I certainly know what the staples are and what’s the newest trend of the year is. It’s apart of the loving to feel beautiful and sharing the knowledge, so others can love themselves.

When I had my son I never knew that my clothing decisions would be last on the list. Yoga pants and tank tops for the first year. When I went back to my size the clothing didn’t seem to fit the same. My hips naturally widened. So I could go shopping and not worry about the price. I was still married and together we did good. I mean I loved finding a deal but you wouldn’t find me at a second hand store. I wasn’t humble and I’ll be the first to admit! Life was sweet, but life humbles you.

Divorce occurs and money gets very tight. Being a mom first also means putting myself last. My son comes first and foremost. I had a closet full of clothes but I had been so stressed and sick during this time, I was down to 100lbs. Nothing fit! I was working more than 40 hrs, paying huge lawyer fees and providing with no child support. I had to do something.

I was driving down the road and saw a Goodwill sign, not anything new but I thought why not stop in and see what they have. I started looking and I was impressed, name brand clothing at a fraction of the cost! From then on it’s gotten to be a habit. Every few weeks I’d stop in and look through the selection. They really do change it up and add new. I was collecting lots of very nice looking stuff. Tax season rich is the best time!!

So I had the grand idea to help women out and show them that style can be cheap! One of my favorite Fashion Icons is Iris Apfel, as she is known for being always dressed up, almost like a child during dress up time! She also expresses beauty originates within. I watched a documentary on her by Albert Maysles released in 2015 and it really explained the differences between Fashion and Style. She may seem over the top but I find her quite interesting and beautiful. At her age she should flaunt it. She teaches us to find fashion outside of the box, that fashion and style are two completely different things.

Style VS Fashion….

That’s a crazy question?!? Well the difference is, Fashion is what you see in trends. It’s reinvented trends that consumers buy, to fit in with what is socially acceptable in that year. The next year designers create a new one and consumers buy the next trend. Pretty simple.

Style is unique to its own. It’s what you personally wear, whether it be in season or not. It’s a big part of personality, and what you feel good in. It shows of your personality and beauty. Everyone has their own style. That being said, you can have fashion and style which can be created for pennies. Fashion goes in and out and back around again. How many times have we seen bell bottoms come back in Season on the shelves of clothing stores.

I’m gonna help inspire you to achieve a sense of style and grace with just pennies, because someone once said, Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. And when you can barely pay rent, you still deserve to look and feel wonderful WITHOUT breaking the bank. With a few tips and pointers, I hope to inspire women to reach within and see their inside beauty and let it shine bright On the outside, even in the midst of darkness. I sure am because I can help inspire others through our struggles, because I live the struggle.


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