Well Hello to all my Sweets!!  

If by chance you don’t know me, I’m Dr.Mermaid and I’ve been in the beauty industry behind the chair for over 10 years now. I am taking a huge leap of faith on many things but this one is near and dear to my heart, I want to be a Virtual Stylist.  I know I have you all have been stumped on what a Virtual Stylist is…. 

Well, let me explain it to you in some brief details, I’m not working and I miss the beauty industry. I was lucky enough to chat with the CEO from BeautyTap and he has showed me some ins and outs to the beauty industry and how we can help our community without being behind the chair. So here I am explaining what’s to come.  


I am collaborating with some of the BEST Hairstylist’s in our area to meet your needs. It’s like a personal match maker but with your hair. I’m sure many get that anxious feeling in our belly, when we sit down with a new stylist in a new salon and we don’t know what to expect. I know my clients always would say by the end of our time together, that I relieved their worries. We all have different personalities, price ranges, and environments we expect from a salon. Thankfully I have worked in a few salons and know what is ideal for certain people, so I can help you pick the right stylist for your personality and wants. I have the pleasure of working with amazing stylist’s who are joining me in on this adventure. This even makes it easier on making a choice, we’ve all seen the posts on FB where people are looking for recommendations on a Salon or Stylist and 5 Million people respond with different places, it’s all just different opinions and stylists trying to snag the next person, major chaos! You have been given too many choices and have to pick a random, and then you pray for the best. Well not any longer I cut out the work with one simple message on FB. I become the professional beauty reviewer, so I can give accurate information to people about the Salons and Stylists in our community. I will also be spotlighting a Stylist/Barber and/or Salon each month.


Educating on beauty products is also a must. You need to know what you’re buying for your hair and skin and not because that’s what the stylist sells in the Salon and will get credit for. I will actually help inform you of the products to buy and where to get them, to achieve the looks and goals of your hair and skin. And I’m not getting in on the cut, just the satisfaction of helping people out, inspiring people with maintaining self care. Which is not to hinder your experience in the salon but to help when you can’t get into the salon. Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to feel good about yourself. I will teach you about sulfates, color protectants and the difference between hydrating and moisturizing (they aren’t the same). These are the things I am certified in, the geeky chemistry of hair and what it needs. Also the resources to get the products in your hands or the right people.

Virtual Styling Classes are a must. We got the time lets sit down together and learn some simple easy styles that you can do on your own. Maybe you have children and don’t know how to braid, or can’t get your sons clipper cut to look good. Or even what the hot tools are supposed to achieve. I can help with some tips and tricks of the trade. We make a time to connect and I show you how to do these simple things that us Professionals already know!! As stylist’s we forget to educate on the at home care, we make them look so wonderful in our chair but they get home and can’t recreate a thing. That’s where I help you with the tools you own and how you work them to your advantage. So many clients over the years have said they own a flat iron but don’t know how to use it, or the messy waves that are so in trend that they just can’t get right with any tool, that I can help you recreate with just a curling iron. Why there are different sizes to the irons and what tools are best for what you want to do with your hair, that is where I can help. The possibilities are endless when you have someone willing to teach you.


You also get ME helping you succeed in this crazy life, whether it be helping find a stylist, educating on products, showing you tricks or even just answering your questions, that’s what my purpose is at this time for the Beauty Industry. I’m sure you’re wondering what I get out of this….Pure pleasure in knowing I’m still helping people look and feel good about themselves. While staying safe and helping endorse some of our finest Stylists, Barbers, and Salons in the Community. So lets enjoy this ride together! I’M EXCITED and I hope you are too! Virtual Beauty Help to the Rescue!!!


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