For months I sat behind a computer writing my life away during this Pandemic. I really felt locked up as I kind of am due to health issues. I obviously got on TikTok to make an Ad for my company not knowing how addictive it was. I actually thought it was for kids… What started out as me watching people laughing and enjoying themselves turned into me also doing the same. I started making friends on this app and really learning the in’s and out’s of making short fun videos all for pure pleasure.


Then I started seeing my followers going up. I completely forgot about my Ad for the book. I was enjoying the company and the ability to make new friends. I have made so many in a very short amount of time. See this app to me was a joke, but shortly after I realized how awesome it was for interaction. I was interacting with people I would have never had a chance to meet any other way. As I noticed everyone telling their story, I did the same. That story brought me more friends and people I never had a chance before this to speak with. I forgot about the worries when I get on. I laugh at myself for trying all these dances, that make me feel silly, but I am happy. Who would have thought a silly app could do all that?


Well, it did because it’s the simple things in life that bring sunshine. I follow people who bring me sunshine as I try and return the favor. I act a fool and laugh at myself. I have helped out people who just needed someone to talk to. I myself found people I felt completely comfortable with to express emotions I wouldn’t tell my own friends. Funny how life can change. I choose to see this as an amazing opportunity to use my voice just like my writing to inspire others that are struggling. I am also struggling like so many others, but all we can do is find the light. For me life is changing fast and I like what’s happening. I enjoy the platform of real people doing their best. We all seem to understand we are in the same storm maybe not the same boat but the pain is there. We as Dreamers, dream of making it a happier place and I believe this is a chance. I am all on board of making a fool of myself to help another laugh through the pain. I need the laugh at times and I get it from TikTok.


If you would like to get a laugh at some of adorably goofiness, then please sign up and follow me at dr.mermaid1 and other wonderful people on TikTok. You never know who it will bring into your life and what inspiration you will get. I was blessed beyond belief with this App called TikTok and have been presented many opportunities to succeed. With the good will come the bad and I learned really quick to harden up on the comments and not let strangers decide what I will do. That happens at any place so it doesn’t bother me because I’m using it as a self control tool, this time it’s just with thousands of people watching me. Haters will always hate, it’s in their DNA. I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me. These days we need some kind of sunshine and this is the chance! I’m going to roll with this till it’s time to move along. I hope you find the joy and do something that brings you light especially during this time. TikTok you just don’t stop!


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