I am so excitied to be working with BeautyTap! I was happily picked to be apart of the Expert Review Program, which means I test out some of the latest and greatest brands from around the World. I spent the next weeks not using any of my normal brands to really get a feel for this product. When I recieved AZN Labs Afterglow Ampoule it was in a beautiful gold package. My eyes fell in Love!


I opened it up and it was absoulutly beautifully packaged. My sences were hightened with excitement. I chose to wash my face that night and apply the serum. After two days I saw amazing results faster than any product I have used in the past. Which to be real honest, I needed due to some unexpected stress. The dark circles were getting worse along with the bags really starting to show. So when I say this product is Amazing I mean it. During that week I noticed that I had to use less of the concealer and had a dewy glow to my skin, without all the make-up. I really starting noticing this product and wanting to find out all the information on what all was in it.


When I started the reseach on this paticular product I was shocked to find out what all was in it. I learned that Afterglow Amploule had an ingredient that was special, it’s called astaxanthin, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory found in rainwater microalgae. It’s got 6,000 more antioxidants than Vitimin C. That is crazy new to me and so more intriguing. I kept on learning more about this serum that was doing wonders for my skin and it was only one product, not like the others I was using in the past for all my skin issues.


I realized it had more organic ingredients I understood. Including Licorice root extract which helps to fade the dark spots and brighten the skin. Coffee, believe it or not! That is to help firm and boost collegen production. I am drinking it but also putting in on my face! HA! I love it! It also has sunflower seed oil to make sure it helps all the ingredients absorb in to the skin without leaving it greasy. I could go on and on about this product. It is recommened for early skin care users, because it helps prevent issues that some of us older women are combating right now. I won’t stop using it and I hope you try it too. If you want more information you can click my link to BeatuyTap and we can set you up with your own bottle of magic!


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